Revolutionary Food

Ageless R

Ageless R

squalene and tocotrienol powerhouse

Key benefits of Squalene & Tocotrienol

  • Extra energy
  • Support release of stem cell for body cell renewal
  • Enhance strength and endurance
  • Support memory & nervous system
  • Enhance immune response

AGELESS R is derived from cold pressed tropical ultra virgin a.cruentus oil densely packed with squalene, omega series fatty acids, carotene, rutin, lutein, quercetin, vitamin E tocotrienol and tocopherol, Vitamins A, D, K, oxygen, phytosterol,  flavonoids, phytonutrients and antioxidants. AGELESS R is the revolutionary oil of the twenty first century with special properties to rejuvenate and re-energise diseased, injured, damaged or worn out body tissues, organs and limbs. Ageless R is a potent stem cell oxygenator which stimulate metabolism by supplying oxygen to trillion body cells.  

Natural stem cells are undifferentiated cells found all over the body and are known as adult stem cells. Adult stem cells are involved in the natural cell renewal system of the body in that they have unique ability to self-renew indefinitely and generate all the cell types of the organ or tissue from which they originate. The synergistic interactions of nutrients and phytonutrients in our Ageless R help to promote stem cell nutrition, and biology stimulating proliferation, migration, differentiation, incorporation and survival of adult stem cells in specific tissue or organ cells.

Why Ageless R is amaranth oil of choice

  • Support release and growth of adult stem cell in the body
  • Detoxify and renew body cells
  • Enhance immunity
  • Powerful antioxidant for cellular rejuvenation
  • Enhance beauty from within.

Multiple health benefits of Ageless R are due to adult stem cell natural renewal system of the cells in different tissues and organs:

  • Energise trillion body cells
  • Enhance strength and endurance
  • Support cardiovascular system
  • Control blood sugar and increase blood circulation
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Support eye health
  • Support digestive health
  • Enhance stamina and vitality
  • Support memory and intelligence (cognitive function)
  • Anticancer
  • Control  oxidative stress and anxiety
  • Age defying - full of life, radiant, smooth and firm skin

AGELESS R is non-toxic, 100% natural and has no side effects. No preservatives, stabilisers or colours are added. The innovative oil is free from herbicides, pesticides and chemicals.  

Ageless R is delicious blended with juice, yoghurt, porridge, smoothie, sprinkled on salad, sprinkled on food, mixed in dips or taken straight from the spoon.

Take a teaspoon a day.

Quantity: Ageless R- 50ml

Price: KSh1 900.00

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