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Awesome Hands and Nails formula

Key Benefits

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Smooth hands
  • UV protector
  • Strong nails

Teffy is packed with potent antioxidants, m.capense oil, a.digitata oil, osyris lanceolata oil, vitamins and mild aromatic essences for smooth firm hands and strong healthy nails.

Our hands and nails are exposed to chemicals, variable temperatures, UV rays and nutrients deficiency accelerating generation of free radicals resulting in wrinkled, dry, tough hands skin and weak brittle nails.

Teffy combines restorative hand and nail care formulae abundant in potent antioxidants and nutrients that scavenge free radicals and support stem cell mechanism that enables renewal of cells resulting to young beautiful smooth hands and harder nails

In addition, Teffy a natural hand sanitizer is augmented with antiseptic properties that are ideal for all, an easy and convenient way to disinfect our ever busy hands.

The innovative moisturiser and sanitizer is 100% natural free of preservatives, chemicals or colours.

Quantity: Teffy-50ml

Price: KSh1 200.00

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