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Neu Gem

Neu Gem

Awesome Hair Formula

Key Benefits

  • Repair & enhance hair growth
  • Hydrates & heals scalp
  • Increases hair volume
  • Silky shiny hair look

NEU GEM delivers macadamia, a. hybridus, m.oleifera and osyris lanceolata oils blend with bio-active essential antioxidants & phytonutrients and aromatic volatile oils that enhance hair repair & growth, control dandruff, improve hair strength and elasticity thus increasing hair volume giving it a silky, shinny everyday look.

Production of free radicals accelerated by chemicals, UV rays or deficiency of nutrients take a toll on our hair strands resulting in dull damaged hair, dry flaky scalp contributing to dandruff & irritated scalp. Under worse conditions hair falls prey to thinning, pre greying and balding.

NEU GEM carefully formulated rich oil penetrates the scalp easily lubricating,   scavenging free radicals, supplying nutrients & phytonutrients to support stem cell mechanism of hair follicles renewal & repair, resulting into well defined, manageable and nourished luxurious look for all hair types.

The innovative hair formula is 100% natural free of preservatives, chemicals or colours.

Quanity: Neu Gem-100ml

Price: KSh2 500.00

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