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Timeless Youthful

Timeless Youthful

Antioxidant serum

Key benefits of facial Serum

  • Hydrates & tones skin naturally
  • Nourishes & firms the skin
  • Natural UV protector
  • Enhance microcirculation

TIMELESS YOUTHFUL derivers a blend of a. hybridus and osyris lanceolata oils, combined with bioflavonoids, carotenoids, antiaging antioxidants, vitamin B-complex and wilderness juice.   

This cooling serum energises, refreshes & hydrates dull stressed skin while nourishing, firming, eliminating pimples, acne & fine lines, neutralising single let oxygen thus encouraging stem cell renewal and repair by helping rebuild sun damaged collagen fibres and offers natural broad spectrum protection from UV (A,B) rays hence preventing photo aging culminating in fabulous and gorgeous youthful looks.

No preservatives, stabilisers or colours are added. The innovative antioxidant serum is 100% natural free from herbicides, pesticides and chemicals

Shake before use

For external use and all skin types

Quantity: Timeless Youthful - 150 gm


Price: KSh2 500.00

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