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Heavenly Yu

Heavenly Yu

Awesome Moisturiser



Benefits of Awesome Moisturiser

  • Ease wrinkles & fine lines through cellular renewal
  • Reduce pore size
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Firms and tones sun damaged skin
  • Hydrates & smoothens skin

Heavenly Yu combines restorative tropical botanical oil blends from M. capense, M.oleifera, adansonia digitata, osyris lanceolata; antioxidant, vitamins and wilderness aromatic essences. Heavenly Yu not only soothe, re-contours skin around the eye, offer natural sunscreen, moisturise the skin, increase elasticity, reduce pore size, firm and tone skin, but support the natural stem cell process of skin renewal at the cellular level resulting in velvety feel, supple and glowing healthy skin.  

Free radicals generated by nutrients deficiency, UV rays, cigarette smoke and exposure to pollutants damage collagen that is fundamental to age degeneration in that it can cause skin wrinkling, eye bags (puffiness), dark circles around the eye, dryness, sagging, pigmentation, and can diminish ability of the cell to absorb, metabolise nutrients and to dispose of waste.

HEAVENLY YU penetrates the skin scavenging free radicals and supplying nutrients to support stem cell mechanism of rejuvenating and rebuilding aging or damaged skin. It is also an intense corrector and dramatically helps reverse dark sports, age sports and darkening from acne scars.

HEAVENLY YU works wonders is non-oily, absorbs fast, bio-available and spreads easily over the skin, creating a moisture barrier that can help protect and heal dry, damaged skin.  Your great grandmother and grandmother before that and the one before that knew that the secret to having and maintaining fabulous skin under the intense heat of the tropics is the use of natural oils packed with antioxidants. Aviva is re-introducing you to this secret beginning with Heavenly Yu awesome facial moisturizer.

The innovative moisturiser is 100% natural free of preservatives, chemicals or colours.

For external use and all skin types
Non-oily and absorbs fast

Quantity: Heavenly Yu-50ml

Price: KSh2 400.00

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