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Maxi Oleum

Maxi Oleum

Botanical Cleanser & toner

Key benefits

  • Cleanse and tones skin
  • Nourishes with omega series fatty acids
  • Offer natural sun screen
  • Rejuvenate & rebuild cells

Maxi Oleum is derived from botanical oil blends of mount chestnut, olea africana, a. hybridus and savanna essences that support stem cell renewal, rejuvenation and restore skin’s radiance for pretty and splendid looks.

Your front office (face and neck) that is exposed to stressors needs pampering with African oils for youthful radiance. The front office skin requires cleansing to remove surface impurities and reduce pore size. MAXI OLEUM polishes, tones, nourish and rejuvenate the skin leaving it velvety soft.

At Aviva, we know that naturally occurring oils from the tropics handcrafted with savanna essences are skin ingredients for pretty and youthful looks.

No preservatives, stabilisers or colours are added. The innovative antioxidant cleanser is 100% natural free from herbicides, pesticides and chemicals

For external use and all skin types

Quantity: Maxi Oleum - 100ml

Price: KSh1 700.00

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