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The inception of Aviva was as a result of intensive and diversified nutrition research spanning over 30 years and covering many continents. Aviva limited was founded by an agricultural nutritionist, Professor Karwitha Kiugu.

Aviva nutraceutical is a phytonutrients and antioxidants powerhouse targeting adult stem cell nutrition which energise and support trillions body cell renewal. Aviva mission is to create greater customer experience and value where the customers never knew they needed, but once experienced will never want to live without. We are an employee and a customer experience-centric Company.

Our nutrition approach covers the whole natural food value chain from farm or aqua to trillion human body cells. Aviva adult stem cell nutrition works throughout the entire body system supporting cellular renewal and rejuvenation.  We are re-introducing the secret of revolutionary foods which were used by Africans, the cradle of mankind, for thousands of years achieving a health status not yet equalled by human populace.




The initial research commenced in early 1980’s and was centred in availing quality and affordable broiler meat and eggs to Kenyan community through non-conventional sources of raw materials for compounding animal feeds. This culminated in increased broiler growth rates and increased egg production with deep yellow yolks after feeding green blue algae, arthrospira platensis, based feeds.

The designer broiler meat and eggs are packed with enzymes including SOD, antioxidants, carotenoids, essential fatty acids, amino acids, GLA, chlorophyll, phycocyanin, sulpholipids, glycolipids and polysaccharides which enhance people’s health.

We grow arthrospirra platensis (spirulina) in pristine enclosed environment without contaminants and apply efficient use of nutrients and maximise water usage. Arthrospira platensis is the stable food for thousands of years for Kalembu people around Lake Chad in Africa.




Kenya is endowed with wildlife and an idea cropped up of farming ostriches whose cholesterol free red meat is a delicacy and for its priced skin.  In the 1990’s, we introduced ostrich farming in the country and developed their diets.

To our surprise, the amaranthus cruentus based feed had tremendous performance. This opened plethora box of understanding the nutrients composition in the pseudo-cereal plant such as squalene, vitamin E tocotrienol and omega series fatty acids.

Further nutrients analysis coupled with animal trials modelling genotypes, environment and nutrition unearthed the synergistic interactions of the nutrients and phytonutrients leading to fast growth of broilers and ostriches.




The farmed animal’s nutrition research led to massive campaign to introduce organic a.cruentus farming in Kenya to meet demand for our stem cell directed nutrition for people. The proprietary cold pressed botanical ultra virgin a. cruentus oil is highly valued for its menopausal heat flush reduction, eye sight health, cell energising, memory and concentration properties. The Aztec and Incus people of Americas consumed a. cruentus as their main food for millions of years.

Having realised the significance of omega series fatty acids and other nutrients in a.cruentus, we embarked on understanding our indigenous wild oils from M.capense, M.oleifera, adansonia digitata and osyris lanceolata. For many generations African people appreciated the use of natural restorative oils and essences for maintaining gorgeous and fabulous skin under the intense heat of the tropics. Aviva Company is facilitating farmers in growing trees for skin rejuvenating oil applications.

What led me to found Aviva stem cell nutrition was as a result of consumption and topical application of a.cruentus, meliponula bocandei juice, blue green algae and wilderness essences which resulted in growth of my hairline which got damaged after beautiful Maasai hair do. The synergistic interaction of the whole natural antioxidants and phytonutrients supported stem cell renewal of my hair follicles.




We are in the era of antioxidants, enzymes and phytonutrients nutrition. Research has shown that antioxidants are compounds that protect cells against the damaging effects of reactive oxygen species (free radicals) such as singlet oxygen, superoxide, hydroxyl radicals and many more. An imbalance between antioxidants and reactive oxygen species results in oxidative stress, leading to cellular damage.   Aviva is involved in potent antioxidants for maximal cell renewal and optimal health. The antioxidants include astaxanthin, anthocyanin, phycocyanin, carotene, chlorophyll and many more.

Aviva and its stakeholders embraces Eco-easy approach of reducing carbon emission by utilising carbon dioxide in spirulina and astaxanthin production, and grows other raw materials naturally free of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides all aimed at enhancing stem cell nutritional qualities. The local communities particularly the pastoralists apply ancient traditions for harvesting wild (organic) products in a sustainable manner.




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