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Club Sevanna


Benefits of joining Club Sevanna

  • The club of Choice
  • Discount on all products
  • Empower & inspire on nutrition
  • Offer social and economic connections
  • Club of like-minded individuals


JoinClub Sevanna and enjoy benefits exclusively for the members.

Staying connected and current keeps your brain functioning and increases the sense of purpose. The purpose of Club Sevanna is to unleash new ideas on diet, nutrition knowledge and lifestyle through facilitating conversations and inspiring speakers to a community of like-minded individuals who meet monthly to appreciate one another for their friendship, and tremendous nutrition and lifestyle achievements.

Member benefits

  • Members enjoy full year 30% discount on all Aviva products
  • Free monthly empowerment and inspiration on nutrition, diet and lifestyle for optimal health
  • Free stem cell nutrition pack for your body cell renewal during registration
  • Free gift upon membership renewal
  • Offers social and economic connections

Club Sevanna philosophy
Feel and look great

Member guarantee

Acquire Club Sevanna Membership today and if not wholly contented after three months, your membership fee will be refunded in full.



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Club Sevanna

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On Every Order by becoming a Member Today

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